IoT: How does it work?

IoT is about getting ordinary objects connected to the internet so that we can interact with them remotely.

IoT is about connecting everything to the internet.

For better understanding, in this blog we go through a process step by step of how IoT works:

Steps involved in IoT Process

  1. Data Ingestion: IoT devices/sensors collect data from the environment.
  2. Data Transmission: The data is transmitted to the cloud via Gateways (Telemetry Devices).
  3. Data Processing: Once the data gets to the cloud, the IoT platform integrates and processes it.
  4. Data Visualization: The processed data (Information) is made useful to the end-user by providing alerts to the user.
  5. Data Analysis & Prediction: To use the data collected over time, data analytics makes use of the historical data to provide actionable insights. Insights help in predicting future events that may occur.

The process and application of IoT are very simple!

If you want to learn more about how this works and how it can be useful for your business, contact us and let us find a practical solution 4 you.


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