IoT presence in a new way of living

IoT processes have proven to be necessary for this “new” way of living along COVID-19. Health, commerce, and work scenarios have and will keep on improving with all the new IoT applications.

From health benefits to track control & remote working, the Internet of Things has helped us overcome the worst phase of the pandemic, changing our perception of IoT forever.

Health benefits go from using new robotics systems for almost impossible surgeries, to develop robotics that cleans contaminated spaces and provide medicines for those in need, reducing the risk of infecting health professionals. Or simply checking the air quality and temperature control on public spaces.

IoT has also become a way to offer faster and more transparent service to the final costumers ensuring payment and tracking.

Several companies had to adapt their work processes during these times, by working remotely.
It offers more flexibility, less time on home-work trips, teams working in different locations and savings on physical locations. This trend will keep growing in cloud computing, collaborative tools, remote computer access, and device synchronization.

The impact of COVID-19 on IoT can extend far beyond confinement, specially if the spread continues worldwide. The pandemic has separated companies and people on two sides, the ones prepared to use technology to their advantage and move forward and those who resist adapting to new ways of working.

“At a time when the whole world is fighting the same enemy, we have all had to embrace new technologies and discover their benefits, although there is still a long way to go”.

The question is ┬┐Which side are you?

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