Smart Sensors

Sensors are the key factor in IoT success, the applications of this technology rely on the adaptability and evolution of these devices. They are directly related to the performance of all the possible IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things has many expectations on how this technology is going to function in the future, there are many technological improvements coming on the way, such as:

  • Low cost for a larger deployment
  • Physically smaller and wireless to avoid obstruction
  • Very low power or energy harvesting, so it can survive for years without a battery change
  • Robust, to minimize or eliminate maintenance
  • Self-diagnostic and self-healing
  • Self-calibrating, or calibration via wireless link
  • Data pre-processing, to reduce load on gateways, PLCs, and cloud resources

Smart Sensor Solutions

They are sensors built as IoT components that convert the real-world variable that they’re measuring into a digital data stream for transmission to a gateway.

To realize the full potential of the IoT, sensor fabrication methods must continue to reduce the size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) of the sensor component and system. The same trend needs to apply to sensor packaging, which currently accounts for as much as 80% of the overall cost and form factor.

Wraping it up

We are beginning to see how chip manufacturers and researchers are responding to the IoT’s need for smart sensors. This has partly been a matter of adding intelligence and communications capabilities to the basic transducer function, but it also involves improved fabrication which will be better day by day as technologic capabilities increase.

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