The Internet of Things with a stamp from Guadalajara

Solutions 4IoT has three years developing low cost hardware that is currently mainly used in agriculture. The connection of diverse objects, sensors or devices to obtain information in real time, is the main utility of the Internet of Things or Internet of Things (IoT), one of the technological trends of greater boom in these times.

A tapatía company, Solutions 4IoT, has been specializing in hardware development for three years already, in which they also connect sensors. These are interconnected and generate invaluable information to their users.

For example, they let a farmer know the temperature and humidity of their crops to monitor their growth, a parking lot owner knows if spaces are available for more cars, or a company about the temperature and safety of some of their buildings .

“We developed hardware aimed at companies that already seek to implement IoT in their company, develop an innovation strategy based on the IoT, or for entrepreneurs who propose a business model based on data analysis,” said Raúl González, director of development of 4IoT Solutions business.

The company, currently housed in the Technological Park of ITESO, intends to make more accessible, “democratize” the Internet of Things for Jalisco companies through two added values: the offering of a hardware to which any sensor can be connected, which allows “enter many industries”, according to Gonzalez; and a low cost to reach a higher number of companiesInnovators from Jalisco participated in the latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a major new technology exhibition event held in January in Las Vegas

Solutions 4IoT was one of the 20 Mexican companies selected to assist the CES, thanks to the support of the inventor from Guadalajara Manuel Gutiérrez Novelo and the head of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICYT), Jaime Reyes Robles.

“It was a great experience and an opportunity to show Mexican technology in one of the most important events in the world, and we returned with many real business opportunities, both with Mexican companies and from other countries,” said Raúl González. Although the innovation in Internet of Things in Jalisco is still “incipient”, González hopes that Solutions 4IoT is a pioneering effort for more entrepreneurs to bet on this technological field. “Innovators from Jalisco participated in the latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a major new technology exhibition event held in January in Las Vegas.”


The workforce of Solutions 4IoT, with around 10 employees among programmers and marketing and social networks team, has reached agreements on the use of its hardware (called Athen Sens System) with five companies in the agricultural sector, mainly producers of avocado and berries; a company of intelligent parking lots and a company that supplies water in tanks.

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