Top 10 IoT application areas

The Internet of Things is rapidly covering almost all areas, but according to different analysis, most of the IoT projects are happening in Manufacturing and Industrial areas, followed by Transportation and Mobility at the moment. 

The 2020 analysis of the top IoT application areas shows the following Top 10 areas from a total of 1,414 public enterprise IoT projects:

  1. Manufacturing/Industrial
  2. Transportation/Mobility
  3. Energy
  4. Retail
  5. Cities
  6. Healthcare
  7. Supply Chain
  8. Agriculture
  9. Buildings
  10. Others

TOP 10 and typical application cases of each segment

Solutions include numerous elements such as production floor monitoring,
Augmented Reality on the shop-floor, remote PLC control, or automated quality
control systems.

Typical applications include telematics and fleet management solutions that
connect with the local operating system within the car for vehicle

Most projects focus on energy distribution, grid optimization, remote asset
monitoring and management, predictive maintenance.

Standard applications combine in-store digital signage, customer tracking and
engagement, goods monitoring and inventory management and smart vending

Common applications include connected traffic (smart parking, traffic
management), utilities (smart waste, lighting), public safety (video surveillance)
and environmental monitoring (air pollution).

Possible applications are medical device monitoring, health team coordination,
optimizing workflow operations, patient monitoring, assisted living, elderly care,
and pain medication management.

*Supply Chain:
Typical projects associated are Asset tracking, condition monitoring (e.g., cold
chain, medical goods), inventory and storage management, automated guided
vehicles, connected workers.

Most projects focus on precision farming, livestock monitoring, irrigation
management, automated drones, for surveying farms, mapping fields, spraying
crops, LPWAN technology to gather data about local agricultural conditions
including weather, soil moisture and chemical compositions of the soil.

Typical applications involve facility-automation and monitoring for building
systems (HVAC, lighting, elevators, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers), building
utilization and security (room use, access, surveillance).

Projects include those in hospitality, enterprise, finance, and sports.

For reference and more information on specific projects in the different areas, see the complete the Top 10 IoT application in 2020 at

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