What is predictive monitoring

The Internet of Things is changing the world!

Industrial IoT facilitates real-time data exchange between all supply-chain participants, offering solutions such as predictive maintenance and increasing efficiency.

Predictive monitoring is a game-changing concept in almost every industry.  The ability to accurately predict is so valuable, that entire businesses are built around helping other industries, especially industrial manufacturing, with everything from remote asset monitoring, to predictive maintenance, to asset management. 

Using remote asset monitoring, systems allow a company to monitor and observe the behavior of data points over time.  The goal is to determine whether something needs to be done and what that task is. It does not perform any correlation or offer any insight, the user is merely alerted to the behavioral change and applies their knowledge of the process and their own skillset to determine what action, if any, is needed.

In contrast to predictive monitoring, predictive maintenance is an approach that uses specific data and certain algorithms to determine the best time to perform maintenance. The goal is to perform the maintenance when it is necessary, not just simply at regularly timed intervals.

The application correlates all of the information to drive better control of the maintenance process, rather than simply adhering to predetermined schedules. In general, it makes for better decision making, more reliable assets, and the main benefit – spend just enough money to achieve optimal maintenance.

Predictive monitoring has tremendous potential to deliver production reliability results. In today‚Äôs competitive industrial world, predictive maintenance is no longer a nice-to-have; it has become a necessity. 

To learn in-depth about these approaches, check out the complete text at https://www.ibm.com/blogs/internet-of-things/what-is-predictive-monitoring-and-how-to-make-it-happen/

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