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Our rural ancestors, with small blest, Individual of labour when the end was relaxation, Indulged the working day that housed their yearly grain, With feasts, and off’rings, and a grateful pressure: The joy their wives, their sons, and servants share, Relieve of their toil, and associates of their treatment: The snicker, the jest, attendants on the bowl, Smoothed each individual brow, and opened every single soul: With escalating yrs the satisfying licence grew, And taunts alternate innocently flew. But occasions corrupt, and Character, unwell-inclined, Created the place that remaining a sting guiding Till buddy with buddy, and family members at strife, Triumphant malice raged by way of personal lifetime.

Who felt the improper, or feared it, took th’ alarm, Appealed to legislation, and justice lent her arm. At size, by wholesome dread of statutes bound, The poets figured out to please, and not to wound: Most warped to flatt’ry’s facet but some additional awesome, Preserved the independence, and forebore the vice.

Therefore satire rose, that just the medium strike, And heals with morals what it hurts with wit. We conquered France, but felt our captive’s charms Her arts victorious triumphed o’er our arms Britain to tender refinements fewer a foe, Wit grew polite, and quantities discovered to movement. Waller was smooth but Dryden taught to be part of > The varying verse, the total-resounding line, > The extensive majestic march, and electrical power divine.

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> Even though continue to some traces of our rustic vein And splay-foot verse, remained, and will keep on being. Late, very late, correctness grew our care, When the exhausted country breathed from civil war. Precise Racine, and Corneille’s noble fire, Showed us that France had one thing to admire. Not but the tragic spirit was our very own, And entire in Shakespeare, good in Otway shone: But Otway unsuccessful to polish or refine, And fluent Shakespeare scarce effaced a line. E’en copious Dryden needed, or forgot The very last and finest artwork, the art to blot.

Some doubt, if equivalent pains, or equal fireplace The humbler Muse of comedy demand. But in recognized photos of existence, I guess The labour bigger, as th’ indulgence much less.

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Notice how rarely even the greatest thrive: Convey to me if Congreve’s fools are fools indeed? What pert, very low dialogue has Farquhar writ! How Van needs grace, who under no circumstances preferred wit! The phase how loosely does Astræa tread, Who relatively places all figures to mattress! And idle Cibber, how he breaks the legal guidelines, To make lousy Pinky consume with wide applause! But fill their purse, our poet’s perform is accomplished, Alike to them, by pathos or by pun. O you! whom vanity’s mild bark conveys On fame’s mad voyage by the wind of praise, With what a shifting gale your course you ply, For ever sunk too low, or borne far too high! Who trousers for glory finds but shorter repose, A breath revives him, or a breath o’erthrows. Farewell the stage! if just as thrives the participate in, The silly bard grows fat, or falls absent. There however continues to be, to mortify a wit, The quite a few-headed monster of the pit A senseless, worthless, and unhonoured group Who, to disturb their betters mighty proud, Clatt’ring their sticks ahead of ten lines are spoke, Connect with for the farce, the bear, or the black-joke.

What expensive delight to Britons farce affords! At any time the taste of mobs, but now of lords (Flavor, that eternal wanderer, which flies From heads to ears, and now from ears to eyes).

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