New Dating Trend: Exit Interviews

As an online dating coach and matchmaker, I’ve spent the past a decade conducting some really non-traditional online dating research using a small business concept also known as “exit interviews.” Yup, that is right: I also known as your previous dates and asked them just what truly happened when circumstances don’t workout. I want you to make use of these records as power, helping you to have much better success whenever the right person comes along on the next occasion.

While earning my personal MBA level at Harvard Business class, I learned that “exit interviews” were a smart company strategy. Whenever a worker is making his job, a manager requires him for frank opinions concerning company. This method shows crucial ideas to empower executives to obtain better results the next time. I thought: you will want to try out this method from inside the online dating world? And so I interviewed over 1,000 single gents and ladies to inquire about precisely why they had initial desire for your online profile but out of the blue vanished, or precisely why basic dates did not lead to second times.

Okay, i understand what you are gonna say—it’s what every person claims in the beginning: “I’d quite perish than maybe you have interview my personal ex-dates!” But let’s be honest: we live-in a feedback tradition nowadays. From consumer product reviews, to eBay and Trip consultant scores, to viewer voting on “United states Idol,” to robotic telephone recordings that warn “This telephone call may be tape-recorded for instruction reasons,” feedback is normal in every single some other part of our everyday life. Dating is probably the most crucial arena in which opinions can literally change your existence, but no one is daring enough to ask!

Thus I required you. Discovering the space betwixt your ideas with his or her truth lets you find your partner efficiently and quickly. The proof? I had nine research of marriage last month alone (and hundreds throughout the years) from my previous consumers whom discovered their own mate after We conducted escape interviews for them. They made use of my candid opinions to modify their own early stage dating behavior. Definitely, they didn’t transform who they were or imagine getting some one these weren’t, but they merely minimized specific responses or behaviors that we found had been turn-offs by times which failed to contact or e-mail all of them right back.


According to my personal analysis, 90per cent of times you’re going to be wrong when attempting to forecast exactly why some body will lose curiosity about you. You’ve probably a recurring structure which you will be completely unaware that is sabotaging the budding connections. Think about one of these from in the past with my customer Sophie in nyc whom committed “The Never Ever error.” Sophie came across James on eHarmony together with an excellent big date with him, but a couple of weeks passed without a word from him. And so I called James myself and merely questioned him your truth, in which he had been interestingly happy to talk. Certain, I experienced to make use of my charm to get past their first “there seemed to be simply no biochemistry” answer, but he exposed after a couple of gentle, probing concerns.
We learned that while James believed Sophie had been attractive in addition to big date was enjoyable, she had produced a number of sources to becoming significantly rooted in nyc. This had concerned him. Per James, among the many circumstances she said had been: “i really like New York– I would never keep the city. My work and my personal entire household tend to be right here.” James had been originally through the west coastline and hoped to move right back there after functioning a couple of years on Wall Street. The guy figured Sophie had been geographically inflexible and failed to believe it had been well worth following a relationship together. He admitted shyly he familiar with take pleasure in dating a lovely girl without thinking about the future, but he was prepared settle-down eventually and just wished to date females with long-lasting prospective.

While I relayed this comments to Sophie, to start with she was actually surprised—then also a little resentful within wasted possibility. She remarked, “Well, I do love nyc, but also for suitable guy, and particularly when we were married, i would end up being happy to go.” But of course that’s not just what she had communicated to him. While Sophie had produced The Never-Ever error with James, she “never actually” made that blunder once more. In fact, she eliminated “never” from her big date vocabulary altogether—not only in regard to geography, but for other subjects in which emphatic, downright statements of any kind might inadvertently offer someone an overly firm view of herself.

The improvement? Sophie found a warm, sort, intelligent man a few months later on. These people were married within a couple of years. They lived-in ny the first year of marriage, but (you thought it) ended up going, and now joyfully call St. Louis their property. In addition to shock? It absolutely was Sophie’s profession that led these to St. Louis, perhaps not her partner’s!

After 10 years of analysis, please let’s face it whenever I let you know that internet dating “exit interviews” are far more empowering than awkward. It is proactive, maybe not desperate, to inquire of a buddy or matchmaking mentor to call a number of your previous times. You’ll get solutions to help you make advancements within romantic life heading forward—a process you probably accept each and every day within work. Beyond The don’t ever error, you will find all the other common reasons gents and ladies do not call back (and what can be done about them) in my own new publication: Why He Didn’t contact You Back: 1,000 men display whatever they truly seriously considered You After Your Date.

To find a duplicate of Rachel Greenwald’s guide, follow this link.

Rachel Greenwald

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